Android vs iOS in 2018

Android and iOS are mobile operating systems developed by different companies. Globally, Android Operating System happens to be the most popular mobile OS followed by iOS. Various reasons make Android as the most preferred mobile operating system than others such as IOS, Bada, Palm, Symbian, BlackBerry, and MeeGo among others. The paper explores to highlight and discuss some of the primary reasons why Android remains superior in comparison to iOS.

Android provides you with choices

Variety of Samsung phones
The number of choices the android running mobile phone outweighs those of iPhone in almost all aspects. With an Android phone, you have a guarantee of a lot and polished capabilities which include but not limited to taking high-quality pictures, robust hardware, high screen resolution, and significant form factor. Also, the brand offers you options (big or small) handsets concerning the size of the phone.
Comparing your Android to iPhone, the latter has screen resolution, camera, and internal hardware among specifications change slightly from a lower model to a higher one. For example, your Android hardware offers the best camera capabilities due to high pixel resolution (Crambler, 2018). Cost of the smartphones is a contributory factor toward the popularity of Android to iPhone. Am sure you could purchase an Android phone at a lower price than iPhone which makes it remarkably affordable to many. As an added advantage, with them, come, a lot of applications installed and the users are capable of deleting such apps and later incorporate new ones.

Play Store has more Apps than App Store

Play store is a Google application store while the app store belongs to Apple. If your concern is getting a smartphone with ample of applications, then Android is the better choice for you. It is true that the play store contains more applications for Android than the app store. Another key point worth noting is that android apps in the app store provide a wide range of tablets and smartphones applications which has varying display sizes, RAM and CPUs capacities. Therefore, you can get whatever it is you are looking in the field of smartphone and its capabilities. On the other hand, app store which offers iOS applications does not provide you with a lot for such adaptive applications for its users.
With an Android device, you have access to popular play store applications categories include shopping, personalisation, audio and music, entertainment, family, and photography. In-app store, the primary types include video and photo, games, and movie. Therefore, the play store has more to offer you regarding app categories than the app store. App store mainly focuses on the quality of the application; unlike the play store, for this reason, as a developer, it will take much of your time to compile their software due to the lengthy process. As a result, developers find it easy to develop android apps because of the simple method of assembling their products in the play store.
App store also limits you because you can only rate an application at most three times in a year compared to play store which has no such limitations. As a result, the app store applications remain less popular than those of play store. Play store reviews on its software make it easy for you to make a decision on which app type to use which gives Google play an upper hand compared to apple app store in selling out their products . Therefore, whatever app you use happens to be thoroughly reviewed by others.

Android is customizable

Cyanogen custom ROM
Android offers a lot of customisation compared to iOS because of its flexibility. For example, it enables you to download a third party keyboard to change the stock one. More so, Android has enhanced the capability for you to improve the running launcher by just downloading and installing a new one. The layout for your Android device too is changeable, and you can customise it to look different without much knowledge say similar to that of a widow’s phone.
The fact that Apple strives to keep its applications friendly and straightforward to you, it still borrows a lot from Android by incorporating androids’ functionalities in its newer versions. For that reason, Android proves as a highly customizable operating system capable of suiting your ever-changing needs as a user. If you consider such customisation opportunities, Android proves a better mobile OS than its competitors.

Android has an Open-Source system

A significant difference between the two is that iOS is a closed-source system while Android is open-source for Android programming teams. For that matter, as a developer, you can modify Android, unlike iOS. With open- source comes a lot of potential opportunities for you as you are capable of working on advanced projects such as smart applications. The fact that Apple limits access to its system source to the public; it is a significant blow to you and any other person with interests in advancing their projects.
For mobile phone manufacturers, the nature of Android being an open-source system enables them to use the system, unlike iOS freely. One contributing factor towards its portability is its the high number of revisions, for example, MIUI and CM among others.

No iTunes for Android

Android Music Apps
Apple products require the use of iTunes to transfer music between devices which at times can give you a headache. More so, if you are uninstalling it from your device also proves a difficult task. Sometimes back, Apple published a guideline to follow for users to accomplish the same. The reason why android is a better OS regarding music services is that it does not require iTunes. More so, it gives you a lot of choices concerning purchase and music services.
Android has taken on a journey to advance its services further by expanding from just music to TV shows, games, and movies among others to make the whole experience an impressive one just for you. In cases where a user requires an iTunes, one can get it on Android as well.

Integration with Google

Google offers excellent services which are fast and convenient to use. Google leads the Android open-source project and utilises it in making its versions. Google services such as Google maps, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Chrome, and Google music among others, form part of Android apps. These applications are core in facilitating your day to day undertakings, therefore, making Android a better option. Apple, on the other hand, does not offer you such services which all the same makes it a less popular mobile OS.

Android supports Micro SD Card and Mini Jack

MicroSD Android
Android smartphones facilitate you with microSD card access, and some have them at the time of purchase. Apple device lacks the slot for mini jack and microSD cards limiting your need for expanding the memory storage. With apple smartphones, you can only erase the content in internal storage to have some space released for other purposes.
The cost of having large memory storage is a subject for consideration. For example, iPhone 7 a 32 GB with 256 storage capacity version is expensive and can cost you up to $200 while a 200 GB microSD SanDisk costs $72. Therefore, you can expand memory storage in Android by switching microSD of different sizes at an affordable price.

Price is a meaningful factor

Do you want a phone which is affordable? You got it in your hands. Generally, apple devices happen to be more costly than the Android ones. For instance, Apple never releases smartphones below $500 which limits the buyer capabilities. Unlike Android, it produces devices with of affordable price with a price range of as low as $ 20.

The popularity of Android devices compared to Apple devices

Android products are more popular than apple devices regarding a study conducted between June 2017 and June 2018. Android recorded a remarkable high market share worldwide of above 70 % compared to Apple’s staggering percentage of below 20%.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – OS Market Share


It is worth noting that both Apple and Android have different features to offer to you. However, Android remains a superior operating system because of its enormous capacity to fulfil the needs of the market. It is clear that Apple cannot put up with the Android’s pace of technology.