Stress over a mistakeThere are various mistakes which as a software developer you could commit only to realise later after costing your career potentials. You should never be afraid of failing as mistakes result in growth. However, you should be aware of those career mistakes which could destroy your future in programming. Unlike other fields where it takes caution or else one loses his limbs by simple mistakes, software development takes step by step for one to become proficient with no physical injury entirely.
Even though failure happens to be the key to excellence, it is worth taking great caution as a system developer as some mistake could hinder your progress to the top of the system industry. Therefore, as much making errors in programming is allowed, you should as well try and learn from other peoples’ experience to avoid grave mistakes. The paper explores some of the conducts which can halt your efforts in the quest of becoming a great software engineer.

Changing jobs too often

Job jumping is one of the most common mistakes most developers commit and you should avoid at all cost as it proves a costly decision to many in the long run. There are various reasons which may lead you to change jobs too soon which includes; inappropriate working conditions and poor team cohesion among others. It is quite apparent that once someone gets unsatisfied with their job industry, they find enough reason for quitting to another place.
However, job jumping too often can become the reason why you would not realise your full potential in system engineering as it could. One biggest worry is that you could fail to acquire the much-needed knowledge in a firm when you stay for short periods because you fail to undergo a full project life cycle. Another failure that you could experience regarding change of job too fast is missing out on opportunities in building relationships and having a sense of product/project ownership.
Another crucial miss out due to this vice is the lack of significant employment opportunities as it raises a red flag amongst your potential employers. Employers may fail to offer you a place in their company because hopping attributes to failures in performance regarding dependability, culture fit, and technical skills among others. Therefore, even though is not advisable to stay for too long in one place, you should not change employers too often as it inhibits you from doing your jobs in the right manner.

Staying for too long

Waiting in the same company for too long is also a significant drawback as an Android app developer in your aspirations of advancing your career. Unfortunately, most developers find themselves glued to one boss for more extended periods for fear of the uncertainty. Once in such a situation, it is necessary for you to sit and assess the value of staying in the company or relocating. The need to change an employer should advance whenever you realise that the company no longer offers you an opportunity to learn new things (Heltzel, 2016).
It is evident that when learning stops, one becomes stagnated and the failure of achieving the ultimate goals comes into existence. Therefore, it is essential that as a developer to evaluate value addition within a company towards growing your career and only change when learning stops. Other related negative implications towards staying for too long are stagnation of pay, becoming bored, and restlessness among others. Even though the right number of years one should stay in one company remains a controversial subject, you should not hit a decade mark or beyond in one place.

Avoiding communication

Avoiding communicationSystem developers are one group of people who tend to communicate less, and it happens to be their career killer. There are many reasons as to why as a programmer it is expected of you to behave in such a way. Among them includes, avoiding interruptions, working under pressure, poor communication skills, and fear of being seen as insignificant among their peers. However, there is every reason as to why you should communicate more especially on issues of programming. It is through communication you could get career advice from the experienced colleagues.
There are various means of communications in your development career you have to utilise to avoid social withdrawal. More so, you should understand that it is possible that someone else within the organisation or amongst your colleagues at one time or the other handled the similar challenge and they can help you accomplish the task. Additionally, plenty of platforms such as emails, instant messages, and social media among others would facilitate the sharing of information amongst programmers.

Passing on promotions

It should be in your mind as a programmer that no matter how passionate you are in coding, at one time in your career, you should take up a management position, for instance, project manager. It is unforgivable for you to pass on your promotion to other teammates in the company because taking up such positions comes with ample of excellent opportunities in the long run.
It is worth noting that often after about 20 years in coding, as a developer you will receive less compensation. With managerial skills, you can appreciate the role in the development of the company by overseeing various projects. Taking promotions facilitates self-start up in later years. However, it is vital to evaluate your environment and make an informed decision on whether to embrace the advancement or rather stay as a programmer.

Neglecting tips from others/ withholding your knowledge

Protecting and hiding knowledge from colleagues is carrying out a self-damage. The perception that withholding your abilities and information provides the much-needed job security is a fallacy because it would prevent you from acquiring new responsibilities. Therefore, as a programmer, you need not keep knowledge to yourself instead share with teammates. For example, promotions are associates of the influence of which you can get from sharing your experience with team members.
Neglecting tips from teammates also happens to be a damaging course as a programmer you could ever take because every individual has different experiences. It is likely that whatever problem you undergo, another person has encountered it and he stands in a better position to give you informed directions on how to solve such issues.

Not checking on your work

It is a good habit to always check your work for any mistakes. It does not necessarily imply that code without code error is subject for formal testing. As a Programmer, you could make big mistakes in not testing your work only to ruin your efforts towards project realisation. Therefore, it is recommendable to conduct a thorough check to achieve the set goals successfully with minimal effort and resources.


Relaxed frogFailure to relax is another big mistake as a system developer you could forget only to have difficult times later. It is necessary for you not to become offended whenever a project manager points out some weaknesses in your work. Just take a sit, relax and then work towards rectifying the mistake. It is apparent that we learn from mistakes and developing a system without bugs or errors does not happen.
Coding all through limits the time you have for your family and friends and only leaves you stressed up. Therefore, it is wise for you to take some time and relax for better and healthy living to achieve project goals successfully.

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